Club Officers

Current Officers

Buster Townsend: President

Buster is a Master’s of Information Systems student with an emphasis in development. He has had an internship doing development work in the past with Cotopaxi and cyber security consulting with EY. His main hope and goal is being able to find ways to change the world with code. If you can’t find him busy working on a project, you check out the outdoors as he might be busy fishing.


Assists all officers in there respective positions. Fills in as needed. Looks for areas of growth. Focuses on a special project/responsibility to take Dev Club to the next level.

Shane Whitlock: Maker Space VP

Shane is famous for having short bios.


Coordinates the Maker Space activities.

Eric Clinger: Talent and Membership VP

Eric is an IS major, pro DJ, and works for BYU AV.


Reminds club members about deadlines. Offers resume help. Advertises talent network to club members looking for internships or full-time jobs. Reviews submitted resumes for the Talent Network. Compiles resumes and send to Corporate Partners in the Talent Network. Talks with companies about sponsoring events.

Geoff Gorham: Marketing and Communications

Geoff is a second-year Computer Science and Business student with a deep love of Peruvian food. He hails from the bustling metropolis of Shepherd, Montana where he gained an appreciation for camping, hiking, country music, and shooting things.


Manages our 300+ person mailing list. Markets BYU Dev throughout campus.

Jeff Lewis: Events VP

Jeff is a junior stuyding Computer Science. He works as a developer for a Utah based FinTech called APiO. In his free time, Jeff enjoys golfing and playing tennis.


The VP of Events is responsible for putting together workshops with the VP of Company Relationships. The VP also is responsible for coordinating hackathons and hacknights.

Ben DeMordaunt: Financial VP

Ben is a sweet talker and has a sweet tooth. Basically, anything with sugar or chocolate he will consume. He is a junior in the Finance program with a minor in Computer Science.


The VP of Finance is responsible for managing the club budget and coordinating all purchases for club events. The VP of Finance is also responsible for collecting club fees.

Ty Udy: Development VP

Ty is a junior studying Computer Science. He loves basically anything that has to do with basketball. Also, he is passionate about building cool software and doing it with cool people.


The VP of Development is responsible for maintaining the club website and leading the members in developing a club-wide project to add experience to his/her resume.