Hack Nights are back!

This semester we'll be meeting every Tuesday at 7:30pm in 240 TNRB

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Bring your resume for a resume / interview workshop!

Come enjoy some pizza and work on projects!

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$30,000+ Maker Space

Room 270 of the Crabtree

We are excited to announce our new maker space in the Crabtree building. By partnering with Venture Factory, the engineering department, and Microsoft, we have created a space complete with 3D printers, IoT devices, tablets, and Xbox dev kits.

Members of the Dev Club have access to the secure maker space. This is a place to prototype designs, collaborate with the latest technologies, hack on mobile apps, or just enjoy a game of Halo. Anyone is welcome on Hack Nights.


Want to work with Dev Club Students?

Our club members are incredibly talented and highly sought after. Fill out the form linked below to send an announcement about your company or project in our club slack channel!

Hack Nights

We provide the tech demos, company swag, and free pizza. You bring the ideas and hard work.
Always hard work.

Hack nights are our way of creating an environment where you can change the world. Got an idea for a new iOT device, website, or mobile app? Show up and make it happen. Club members are standing by to help you break down the complex tasks of software development into smaller chunks, and you're bound to make friends in the process. We occasionally have hands-on workshops with the latest technologies.

Interested in having someone review your resume? Bring it along, there's always someone willing to help.

Already know your stuff? Then share with the rest of us and eat our pizza.

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BYU Developers Talent Network

Instantly submit your resume to 100's of tech companies through the Talent Network. Whether it's part-time, full-time, or through an internship, there is a company willing to pay you to learn how to code.

Looking for something more than a campus job? Then we can connect you with small local startups like Owlet, huge players like Microsoft or Docker, and dream companies like Github and Slack.

Looking to recruit top BYU talent or looking a co-founder for a startup? Email us at byudevelopers@byu.net


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We are an official BYU academic club. Club dues are $15 for the 2018-2019 academic year. Pay Dues here!