BYU Developers Talent Network

Submit your resume to 100's of top tech companies (including Apple, AirBnb, Paypal, Qualtrics, Google, Docker, etc..)

Closed for the 2020 Fall Semester

What is the Talent Network?

The Talent Network is our way of connecting BYU students to top teir tech companies and startups. You give us your resume. We give it to recruiters.

How it Works

We gather resumes from BYU students in search of full-time work after graduation, part-time work during school, or summer internships. These resumes are curated to ensure companies receive qualified candidates. They are then distributed to 100's of companies across the US, as well as local Utah companies. This is made possible through our partnerships with top tech VC firms and with several local tech companies.

Which Companies Will Receive My Resume?

Sequoia Capital, The Campus Founders Fund, and EpicVC will distribute your resume to their portfolio companies. The Sequoia Capital Full Company List, Campus Founders Fund Portfolio, and EpicVC's Portfolio can be viewed online. Yeah, there's a lot of em.

Am I Guaranteed an Interview with Apple, Eventbrite, Atari [insert cool company]?

No. Getting an interview depends on the quality of your resume as well as many other factors. We will not send sub-par resumes to top-teir tech companies. If your resume is not fit for an out of state internship, we will put you in touch with local companies until you can gain more experience.

When is the Submission Deadline?

Closed for the 2020 Fall Semester.